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  • A compassionate and accomplished faculty succeed each day to excite student interests and abilities with an innovative curriculum focused on brain-based research in our Lower School. Joy and inspiration guide teacher interaction with our young learners as students explore new concepts and skills through hands-on discovery, teacher guided investigation and project-based learning.


    A safe and supportive learning environment valuing each student as a unique individual with diverse needs and abilities characterizes the lower school community.  A warm and caring atmosphere centered School environment promotes a sense of respect for one’s self and others and encourages a spirit of belonging and pride within our student body. Students are inspired to develop their full potential intellectually, artistically, physically, socially and emotionally as they mature into the best version of themselves.


    Our youngest students’ curiosity for learning is cultivated with reading and writing-readiness skills, mathematics, music, visual art, physical education, strings and world languages. The curriculum expands in kindergarten and advances in grades four and five with a technology based learning, language arts enrichment, social studies, vocational training and  soft skills. All grade levels partake in a hands-on Project based Learning, Character Education program, community service initiatives and the library’s reading incentive are a part of the curriculum. When students advance beyond Lower School, they are confident and courageous learners well-equipped with the skills to succeed in Middle School.

Online Classes for All

Pandemic brought in a new form of Teaching and Learning methodology, GSW offers online classes from Playgroup onwards

Monday to Friday online classes

Online Competitions

Online Festival Celebrations

Online Parent - Child activities

Virtual Annual  Function

Pre Primary

Fun filled day starts with a short assembly, with some music, dance, birthday wishes and checking of kids for cleanliness, hair do, etc. to instill the discipline at the early ages so that it becomes a habit when they grow up. Molding and inception of  good habits start at  the tender age. Through play-way methods we instill all this so that Wizians become The Leaders of Tomorrow.

Grades 1-4

Project based Learning starts here so that the mind learns to explore and think and question with clarity. Practical concepts like banking, entrepreneurship, table-top cooking, meditation, living in gratitude etc. starts in these grades. A child is taught bookish knowledge with practical concepts and also a holistic overall development is taken care of. This tender is for nurturing and preparing them to be confident, well groomed citizens of tomorrow. 

Grades 5-8

Young Adults are prepared to meet the world of tomorrow with more practical training, the Project based Learning Continues here. We have a Helping hand group where kids of class 5 and above become mentors of the younger kids helping them improve academically and earn points. Children are observed to see what subjects they can excel in so that they can be guided for the future choices. Basic Life skills, projects and practical's are a part of the curriculum.


Keyboard and Mouse

Sneha, Class V

Father says, "Quality education for my child, very happy with the progress of my child"


Arnav Class III

Parents words " Right decision taken by us to shift our child from the previous school"

Kids Handwriting

Tanushree, Class I

Doctor Parents say,"Our child has been studying in the school when she was in Nursery, we see a tremendous change in her"

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